Sponsorships and Promotions

Thank you for considering sponsorships, promotions, and special events to help out our cause.


The South Texas Food Bank relies on the generosity of our volunteers, supports, and patrons for donations to keep our warehouse and community pantries stocked, our delivery trucks on the road, our advocacy and nutrition programs running.


You can help us by:

Sponsoring an Event:

Host an event to raise funds or food items (food drives) and include us in your marketing and publicity efforts!

When your company sponsors and participates in a special event benefiting the South Texas Food Bank , you receive a good return on your investment through:

  • The extremely positive community exposure and publicity you and/or your company will receive
  • Knowledge that your money is going to straight to the cause.
  • For every dollar that you contribute you can provide 10 meals, 12 lbs., or $21 worth of groceries to a hungry family.
  • Knowledge that your donation will impact many of the over 28,000 families that we monthly serve.
  • Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law, minus the value of goods or services received.


Sponsorships/Special Promotions opportunities are available for:

  • Adopt-A-Family Program
  • Kids Cafe Program
  • Ranchers for the Hungry Program
  • Food Rescue Program



Joint Marketing Efforts

You can join the South Texas Food Bank to help us both create awareness for our businesses.


Your company gains exposure for helping our community through a well-respected non-profit, and we gain needed exposure so more people will understand how important it is to help us feed our neighbors in need.


We can work with you to co-sponsor advertising, print, web, TV and/or radio. We can help you create promotions to get your clients/patrons to donate when they use your business or service.



Host an Event or Special Promotion:

The South Texas Food Bank welcomes partnerships with organizations that would like to support its programs through promotions and small scale events. These events are bigger than food drives, but smaller than a event sponsorships. Any on-going promotion or event (longer than amonth) or with more complex logistics that go beyond collecting food items, qualifies as a special event. Examples of promotions and special events include: hungerthons, radio drives, concerts, etc.


Your organization would coordinate all logistic efforts of the event, including volunteers. The Food Bank's involvement is limited in the planning, coordination, and execution of the event or promotion is limited  (We would provide additional event support like  publicity, food containers, etc.)


Use of our logo is allowed for events or promotions approved by the South Texas Food Bank only . For more information about the use of our logo click here.


For more information, please contact:

Angie Osterman

Marketing Specialist
E-Mail: aosterman@southtexasfoodbank.org
Phone: (956) 726-3120








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