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Hopey's Little Corner of Hope

The children of South Texas have a new friend!

Hello, my name is Hopey. I am  eleven  years old and I am in the fifth grade.


Although I was born in Laredo, Texas, I consider South Texas to be my home. I have a very hard working daddy and mommy and four younger siblings: a sister and two twin brothers!


Because our parents have to work till 6 P.M., my siblings and I go to the Kids Café in our neighborhood right after school. 


Going to the Kids Café is one of my favorite things to do! I feel very happy there! We have a lot of fun playing games and making new friends! We also get help with our homework and we get to eat delicious snacks and hot food. We get stuff like: hamburgers, arroz con pollo, and soft taquitos! Yummy! Like the food my mommy makes! We also get dessert! How cool is that?


When I am older, I want to volunteer at the Kids Café. In the meantime, I like to help out the the nice people at South Texas Food Bank, who provide the food that  me and my siblings eat. At my school, we have food drives. We all have to bring food cans and other food items, then we take them over to the Food Bank. We have a lot of fun collecting food and it makes me feel very good, very proud because I know that I am helping  people who don’t have food and are hungry. This is also one of my favorite things to do!


The South Texas Food Bank just asked me if I wanted to help them by telling other kids like me how important it is to help out  other kids and families who don’t have enough to buy food. Did you know that in South Texas there are many kids who go to sleep hungry because  their parents don’t have food to feed them at night? That  makes me very sad. So, I want other kids to help out  and help collect food.


Would you like to help me and the South Texas Food Bank out?






You can be part of Hopey's adventures against hunger!

Stay tuned for her latest adventures with the South Texas Food Bank.





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